Back from Barcelona, a stunning city which I hadn't nearly enough time to appreciate. The first two days were rainy and sad, as Chris and I got ourselves lost in alleyways stamped with prostitutes and forgotten bars.
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We made a stop at El Fundació Joan Miró, the shrine to one of my favorite contemporary artists. It's funny to note how many tourists flock to the Picasso museum in Barcelona, when I always found Miró to be more interesting, aesthetically and intellectually.
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The paella was insane. Say hello to my little friend.
(I should note that I spared him, his shell was too daunting for my hungover lunch)

Finally, after days of searching for the "beautiful part of town", Chris and I stumbled upon it just beyond the gothic quarter. We couldn't stay long though, as we had a smelly bus to catch.

Next up, Amsterdam.