The irony of this week is that I refuse to spend my hard-earned quarter collection at the laundrymat but I have been more than willing to continue the daily purchasing of new pairs of overpriced underwear to get me through to the next day/lay.

My brother has sent me what must be the 15th cover letter this year to date for me to edit, revise and provide feedback. Yes I keep a fresh, easy, perhaps-too-detached blog but such a feat does not necessarily make one apt for writing cover letters for financial internships. I should have never borrowed that 2 grand.

French homework is taking over my life. If I knew I would have to commit myself to hours of a mindless, dated French soap opera and accompanying workbook just in order to impress lovers just in order to get a nut, I would have registered for Gallatin's "Everyday Life" instead. Beggers can't be choosers, and New York is full of eligible hott beggars.

Casting: 25-30 dancers of color (and a few whities) for a "Soul Train"-inspired experimental short. Owning impossibly chic disco-themed clothes and/or an animal mask is a plus. Inquire within...