Je Suis Un Petit Lapin

I recently discovered that the perk of my dad's job is apparently a health insurance plan that will allow me to get Lasik surgery completely, totally free so as long as I am a full-time student. Considering the daily battle I wage with contacts lenses (which by 10:00 pm each night turn my award-winning blue eyes into two small firey furnaces of hell), the proposition seems like a no-brainer. However, anyone with vision as poor as mine (-5.0 and decreasing steadily) would probably agree that blurred vision soothes a hangover like no bloody mary could dream of. And the beauty of Christmas lights or speckled cityscapes is best appreciated by simply taking off one's glasses and allowing the lights to haze and glow. All I'm saying is this is a big decision and anyone who knows me knows that I am completely uncapable of ever making one.