Very Necessary

Sandy Paws Grooming Shop in Yucca Valley, CA specializes in ''creative'' dog grooming. A shop such as Sandy's caters to the discerning canine with an eye for the avant-garde. Let's take a look at some of Sandy's work.

Say hello to Cindy, Sandy's poddle/unwilling model. Here she is as a chicken. I will never buy an organic chicken dog (frank) ever again.

Cindy as a peacock. Also, say hello to Sandy, a lovely woman with great intentions, I am sure.

"Outer-space" Cindy. Yes, those are UFO's shaved onto her ribs.

Cindy as Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. This poodle wants to kill herself.

Not to be one-upped by Cindy as a camel, Sandy decided to treat us to an interpretation of a harem-lady. The resulting effect is more midtown Gypsy fabric-store interpretation of a Puerto Rican Princess Leia, but who can be picky when one lives in Yucca Valley?

One of the more daunting assignments for my Experimental Film class is to interview an ''experimental artist". I'm thinking Sandy could be a thrilling conversation. Her work is clearly an experiment in bad taste (yielding wondrously horrifying results).