my. life. question mark.

If I wasn't so lazy and it were not 2am, I would bother to change that title entirely but alas I won't. These past two weeks have been full of Ed Hardy (thank you LA), sunburns, deuche-bag boys, surprise guys, schoolwork overload, a nifty new denim jacket, the occasional joint and sporadic Fran Leibowitz-induced fits of laughter.

What else is new, you ask?

My brother told me today that I have been dressing like an ugly New Kids On The Block member. I replied, "ALRIGHT!"

Ally McBeal is the new Sex and the City.

My hair is getting really long. (For me).

I have been spreading Brett Easton Ellis like California wildfire.

I have amassed an exciting but ultimately useless vinyl collection. I'm just missing the record player.

I am remarkably poor. Great, I have rediscovered my relationship with my flask.

Fingers crossed- meeting David Lynch tomorrow. WIll blog my success.