Today is a day that will forever live in infamy. Karen Leader passed out our exams drunk (in her defense she was honored her Doctorate at 9am), I took my final final exam and I'm pretty sure Tim Allen is smashed on Jay Leno. Tonight I plan on celebrating with my posse and a flask filled with a medley of liquors which I rescued from stagnancy at the bottom of assorted forgotten liquor bottles. Methinks this evening will set the tone nicely for the upcoming stage of my life: cheap and messy.

Big thanx to Oprah for buying me dinner tonight. The 6th Avenue KFC was off the hook, I think I saw Lil' Kim or maybe it was Queen Pen. Either way, who knew that free chickin could cause a minor sit-in/potential coup d'etat/small-scale rebellion. Actually I did know that. Video coming soooooon.