She's Homeless

Crystal Waters' 1991 hit "Gypsy Woman" always reminded me of this ultra glamorous homeless woman who lived in Utica, New York. From as early as I can remember, I would spot this lady wandering around the most random sections of town (from H&M to industrial wastelands), always deep in conversation with herself, always dressed to the 9s. Her coif was a pinned-up nest of bleached blonde straw with black roots (varrie Carrie circa season 2), and she was always decked in leggings, scrunchy flat ankle boots and a men's blazer (years before shoulder pads were ironically cool). Sometimes she would even wear this oversized Mickey-Mouse portrait-collage t-shirt with shoulder pads. I lovingly named her Dawn Tarzinowsky and daydreamed about hours we might spend in her closet, discussing the psychological revelations in Mickey Mouse's portraits or vintage treasure haunts of the Adirondacks. While I haven't seen her in a couple years, this song always has me thinking of her. It's weird because here is this woman I have known all my life and yet aside from some vague gossipy details about her downfall (cheating hubby made her snap), I know so little of her. Like when she dies, who is going to tell me? Who will even know? :( Here's to you, Dawn. (I am not being funny)

If you like jazz (aka not a philistine)...