All I Have EVER Wanted

So last night I came really close to checking myself into the hospital for what I truly believed to be my first ever sprained ankle. I suffered no particular accident, but I realize now that walking around all day in YSL sneakers will cut 20 years off the lives of your feet and in my case I was stuck hopping around my brother's apartment on one foot at 2am (seriously never buy YSL shoes, every. single. style. is a human torture device). I sucked up the pain and went to bed, mostly cuz I was super mad about a phone argument which ended in me hanging up on someone (PS: miss being able to aggressively slam a flip-phone shut), but just before I konked I realized I had made a huge mistake in skipping out on a hospital visit... I COULD HAVE GOTTEN A CAST FOR MY FRIENDS TO DECORATE. I soothed myself by promising to go in the morning. But when I woke up my ankle was like, spankin' new and flexible and I was not okay with that.

So for Halloween this year, I think I'm just going to go as myself with a sprained ankle and an awesome cast.