I absolutely need these Louboutins (pic courtesy of Jak and Jil). Nevermind the vamp is an inch too high, I can look past tiny deets in the name of spikey studded evening slippers. My plans to invest in ONE simple pair of lace-ups are constantly thwarted by my lust for slippers and flashy loafers (I have pimp shoes in gazelle skin, python, bronze metallic leather and black velvet yet I don't own a single pair of black oxfords).

Speaking of shoes, I just rediscovered my Allure CD. Mariah signed these chicks to her short-lived Curve label in 1997 but dropped them shortly after. They may not have been the biggest girl group of the late 90's but there is no question that they were best dressed. Their debut album Allure melded gritty hip-hop samples (LL's "I Shot Ya") with Mariah's lush harmonic skillz, and is as my friend Sean suggests "the ultimate in hip-hop soul". Check the vid for Nas-guested "Head Over Heels" (obligatory sexual Mariah cameo at the end) then listen to my favorite track by clicking HERE.