Hot Tranny Mess?

I'm still obsessively gathering the deets on the September issue of Vogue Paris. Apparently there is a tribute to Amanda Lear which is pretty awesome cuz it's about time she gets some haute cred. I mean not only was she Dalí's muse and Europe's disco queen but she was also David Bowie's sexbomb at one moment in time. The fact that there are no facts about her early life plus the debate over her true gender only add to Amanda's allure. Yeah allegedly Dalí financed her sex change back in the day but Amanda coyly sustains that she's a real woman.

I don't know. Miss kinda looks like she could be a homicidal tranny on this poster which kinda makes it really dark and awesome and chic.

Amanda chillin' with Dalí. He totally would shack up with a chic European tranny.

Vogue Paris previews..

Amanda was pretty prolific as far as being a video ho. Watch this one for the outfit (HELLO BALMAIN):

this one for the special FX:

and this one for the song: