This is my mom. She was a total babe, right? Well she still is and she can kick your ass too. Not really, I mean she's a pretty classy lady. BUT. I have never met someone so stoic, honest and brilliant. Ann is like the poster woman for sticking up for yourself; an activity I often pass on participating in.

See I used to get really embarassed when my mom complained about her meal, or counted her receipts. I felt so above that behavior and watched myself slip into this disgustingly passive sandpit, where I let things slide because it seemed the ''chill'' approach or whatevs. I guess I made a lot of friends that way.

So yeah, I've been letting a lot of shit slide and suddenly I'm in this emotional, financial and physical crap-ola but momma told me it's nothing and that it's pretty ridiculous to let this stuff break me down. She also told me about the car dealer who today began their business courtship with "What's your budget?" Oh shit, Ann let him have it, "That's none of your business, I asked for the price."

I guess her response could come off tacky, but if you're confident and smart and realize that you're probably going to get fucked over, there's no reason to not protect yourself. Go Mom. So tonight I said what I had to say to someone, and tomorrow I'll do the same to someone else. And if I lose a friend or a gig that's fine because I'm building myself back up in the process and frankly at this point in my life, my needs are more important than anything. Momma agrees.