the day i almost did something important.

So I woke up five hours early today to serve our judicial system as a ''randomly-selected'' participant in something called jury duty. I misunderstood my call time as 9:30 instead of 9:15 and still managed to arrive at 9:45. It is really soothing to know that even when faced with possible jail-time and a four-figure fine, I will still probably be late. My tragic flaw, oh well.

When I finally made it to the juror's room, I was embarassed to learn that I also misunderstood my juror number and was not supposed to report. I thought about all the things that could fill my day instead of jury duty (thrifting, drinking, cruising) but I was tempted by the $40 a day pay and decided to stay. Besides, it could be like watching "Judge Judy" live. Not once did the civil responsibility ever cross my mind.

After what seemed like hours watching an unintentionally amusing video on the role of the juror (narrated by an uncharacteristically pleasant Diane Sawyer), we were informed that the defendant had just plead guilty, thus freeing us of our obligation. Just as I began to salivate over the thought of sealing criminal fate, the power was snatched right out of my hands.

Asshole criminal. At least TRY.