Do you really think I'm punk? Well, that's outrageous! I mean, it's not as cool as new wave, but it's a lot better than pre-teen!

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There happens to be a very lame snow storm passing through Utica which has given me over a hundred excuses to stay inside all week. Last night's activites included a virgin screening of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". I can't believe that I have put off this film (yes it is a film, not movie) for so long.

However, I suspect that much of my enthusiasm stems from my choice to pretend that SJP was not playing Janey Glenn, but a 15-year old Carrie Bradshaw... which actually worked for about 70% of the film (SJP's acting is still exactly where it was in 1985). I ran into technical problems when Janey/Carrie ripped the dance floor. Carrie Bradshaw doesn't dance, but Michael Patrick King should have really thought of that. This movie begs for a sequel, and Sex and The City couldn't be more devilishly perfect.

Anyway, after the film I watched some season 4 SATC and I strongly suggest this combo for a really gay night in.