Live! From Bobst library...

So my mysterious neighbors decided to be super friendly and ruin my day by installing a password-lock on their wireless internet service. I can speak for my roommates as well when I say that I felt a distinct "only in New York" bond when apartments 3 and 4 were both able to share Time Warner's services as one big, happy family. However, those selfish, jaded East Village enigmas in apartment 3 had to go and fuck shit up. Can you believe they didn't even have the decency to come over, introduce themselves and notify me of this new, secret password?

The nerve of some people.

And to think that since I moved in last month, I have kept any and all ostentatious acts of shower singing at bay... but now I'm piss mad. Thus, the wet and steamy Mikey Scanz show will commence tomorrow at 9:30am. Donations will be gladly appreciated.

All proceeds will go toward my new Road Runner bill. See mom? This voice is getting me places.