la douleur exquise

Topshop is opening tomorrow and I can't do a thing about it because I spent the last of my credit card balance today on bread, bananas and eggs (P.S. has anyone tried the baby-food diet?). Adding insult to injury, a friend from LA is asking that I endure the mindfuck of shoppers tomorrow afternoon so that I can pick up a particular topshoptop, as she is wiring money over. I know myself, and that I am going to crumble at the tentative existence of the men's rompers (which sold out online in less than a day back when I had adequate funding for such accoutrements). So tomorrow I will spend two hours in the dressing room, trying each one on, in multiple sizes, sometimes with my own jacket on top, other times not, but all I can leave with is a woman's top, size small destined for LA fun. Sad face.

EDIT: Fuck man-rompers. Remember the days when the coolest things in the world came free (with a Pizza Hut kid's meal)?