I'm just being Miley.

I guess I was pretty bored tonight since my friends all seem to be dating the library nowadays and the red light on my blackberry hasn't flashed all day. So I decided to take a Meyer's Briggs personality test. I wanted to foremost see if I have a personality. Well apparently I do, and I happen to share my ExtravertedIntuitiveThinkingPerceiving personality with (amongst other less impressive celebrities), Celine Dion. This just makes so much sense. According to the score description, we share an extremely low level of patience for people who don't 'get it' and we show little restraint in demonstrating our annoyance. Also, according to Marina Margaret Heiss, "ENTPs tend to be oblivious of the rest of humanity, except as an audience". I think this blog coupled with this picture demonstrates this concept quite succinctly.

We're also very clever and love arguing, both for the its own sake and to show off our ''impressive'' skills.

Now that I can rest assured that I have a personality, I should put it to use and go make friends.