Things that make me cry (or like really close to tears)

I'm not generally known as a "cryer" per se. I mean, there was the one time in which I found horrible shit written about me on Juicy Campus but I got over that quickly and even eventually came to be proud of the shit-talk. I almost cried again when the site shut down as there was now an absence of interesting stuff about me floating around the net. I never cry over relationships, but I sometimes find myself trying to because I think I should. It's super pathetic and never works. I am human though, and do suffer from minor moments of extreme anxiety just like everyone else. Anyways, since list blogs are so the shiz right now and I have nothing else interesting to talk about, here's what actually does make me cry, or at least bring me c l o s e:

1. When my remote doesn't work, even if I punch it
2. Overdraft fees
3. Small-talk assault from the cashiers at Trader Joe's
4. When the tailor/dry-cleaner/shoe repair man doesn't have my shit ready on time
5. My mom suprising me with dentist appointments on the rare occasion that I go home
6. Color wheel cursor on Macs
7. When that one bottle of wine wasn't nearly enough but you don't want to think you're an alcoholic
9. Getting caught in a lie/act of gossip/regrettable circumstance
10. Forgetting to fill in the subject line on a professional e-mail
11. Watching yourself sit idle as a deadline passes by
13. Peeing while pooping