Rich (of Pot Psychology fame) is a genius. He has created a moving retrospective of one of the must underrated phenomena in pop music history. Coko's nailz. SWV had a huge hit with "Weak", but they mostly flew under the radar, never really gaining as much recognition as TLC and En Vogue. They were totally amazing though, and released three solidly sassy, semi-raunchy albums. Um, their first album "It's About Time" featured "Downtown" a not-so-subtle ode to oral sex, "Black Pudding" an abrasively snappy rap about LeeLee's ''pudding'' plus "Right Here" was a mindblowing reimagining of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature". So yeah the music was risque and great but above all, Coko's nailz were a mindfuck. This little boy had so many questions like, how did she wipe her ass? Was she clever enough to utilize her built-in chopsticks? Those nails were frightening and mystifying and awesome. Watching her caress Tyson Beckford was like watching a caress from a raptor. Coko, the ultimate femme fatale.