This is the day

As if this week's graduation didn't deluge me with enough stress, I was shadily laid off from my restaurant job today. I know it's not anyone's fault and the restaurant biz sucks but I am still pissed off. I'm trying not to take it personally while keeping a fair opinion about my ex-manager's lack of decent communication. It's a really shitty transition when you go from relying on a weekly job to not knowing when and from where you're next paycheck is coming.

The good thing is that I am being forced to confront situations that are making me rethink stuff. Like how I have a Raf Simons jacket hanging in my closet which doesn't even fit me yet I'm freaking about how I'll be able to afford my best friend's birthday tomorrow. This is unnecessary stress. I'm going to sell that jacket because there's no reason for me to have stupid shit I don't need when all I want is to laugh with my friends and be able to get dinner and a drink. (Also, it would be nice to not snack on grated parmesan cheese)

The economy sucks, sure, but there are still jobs here and there and if you don't believe you're the absolute best person out there, then you probably won't get one. I guess I have too often held the concept that there are better candidates. Fuck that, I'm awesome. I'm working on my photography and will probs be freelancing this summer but above all, hopefully I'll come to some better conclusions about what I want/need. AKA stop stressing about guys/money/jobs and just enjoy the fact that I know a lot of stuff and that my friends love me and I contribute the most to my relationships when I am happy. So be happy, be funny, be interested (it makes you interesting) and everything will fall into place. No one likes a downer, unless you can both laugh about it.