A couple weeks ago I found this little gem adorning a secretive but not at all sexy booth at 60 Thompson:

Do people still do this shit? I can fathom greazy stuff going down in certain Brooklyn watering holes or amongst Jersey's 18+ finest at Rush, but today's 25-35 yr generation seems way too awkwardly ''fancy'' to pull out sexytime in an expensive, pseudo chic bar. Sex in a club just seems so retro. Like compared to today's grungy fashions, pseudo-arty pretensions and obsession with nostalgia and novelty, the 70's almost seems like an imaginary world conjured up by some genius with a very nuanced imagination. For instance, Plato's Retreat was a swinger's club on the Upper West Side. To say it was heterosexual is an understatement- men were not allowed in without a hot bitch. This isn't too far removed from what goes on in most trendy nightclubs today, except once inside, you were invited to a) take off your clothes and b) leave your wife for someone else's. There was a disco dance floor, a pool with waterfalls and a number of bedrooms to cater to every whim. Sex was the activity, the topic and the product. What kills me is that this bordello of sex was where Bette Midler and Barry Manilow held steady early gigs. As the following commercial suggests, it was ''not for everyone''.