The upside to graduation is that I got this sick Canon Rebel Xsi + a 50-250mm lens so that I can do something besides jerk off and read Edith Wharton stories all day, right? So I'm sitting in our cute but very generic hotel room scraping for interesting things to shoot, and utimately decide my feet are a good subject. Seriously, don't ever take a high-resolution photo of your feet because there is no way the results will please you. Like WTF happened to the shape of my right foot and when did I get a fungus infection on my big toe? I know I wear some pretty inconvenient shoes but so do most good women and on the occasion that they wear sandals, I rarely notice such atrocities as mine. What does everyone (you) do to keep your feet pretty and presentable in narrow shoes that don't allow socks? And don't tell me to wear socks because I DON'T WANT TO.