Post-grad job prospects haven't exactly been spectacular. I published a free article, so what? I want to make $$$. You know so I can shop and go out and stuff. So as I have been hanging out in Boston, sitting on my sister's couch and languishing in my filth, I saw a commercial and suddenly had this totally brill epiphany. AVON LADY DUH. It's totally recession proof! Even Reese is doing it!

I mean what other job allows you to throw fun suburban parties, mingle with the momeratti, browse catalogues all day (seriously underrated reading material) and t r a v e l (I assume there are regional Avon lady conventions)? I am also assuming you can set your own hours in which case I could technically maintain my current lifestyle (sleep til noon, Alexa Chung, eat, read, eat, TV, eat). I don't even need to go out and buy a new wardrobe cuz Avon ladies like comfy pants and I have so many of those. Plus the brand has a pretty glam history (see below).

What do you guys think? Would I be good at this? Would you buy my lipstick? At least come to my Avon parties?