Where's Yo Head At?

With last seasons 80's mania literally creeping into every single market of fashion from Haute Couture to Payless, it seemed about time to expect something fresh from last week's Paris couture collections. Don't hold your breath. Shoulder pads and sequins reigned supreme across the board, though no house perfected Balmania as ironically and interestingly as Felipe Oliveira Baptista. His expertly draped cocktail dresses, emblazoned with exquisite lightning bolts of sequins, hovered on the current of 80's club wear, though panels of jarring nude fabric chastised the sexy dips and peepholes. The comedic sinisterness of the nude is in it's resemblance to a medical bandage, fitting for a presentation of faceless mannequins, some knocked on their sides. Leave it to Baptista to use modesty panels to cover up Balmain's drunken, passed out party girl.