Pre-Summer Read

Eric Norden's 1968 interview with Stanley Kubrick for Playboy is a fascinating 10 page read rich with Kubrick's philosophical musings, bizarre scientific predictions and startling political/psychological theory. High off of the success of his opus, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick betrays an intellectual confidence that is uncharacteristic of a blockbuster director, and Norden exhibits why people at one time read Playboy "for the articles". Take out some time to read the full interview here.

Kubrick on the threat of nuclear power:
Sartre once wrote that if there was one thing you could tell a man about to be executed that would make him happy, it was that a comet would strike the earth the next day and destroy every living human being. This is not so much a collective death wish or self-destructive urge as a reflection of the awesome and agonizing loneliness of death. This is extremely pernicious, of course, because it aborts the kind of fury and indignation that should galvanize the world into defusing a situation where a few political leaders on both sides are seriously prepared to incinerate millions of people out of some misguided sense of national interest.

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