2009 was a pretty epic year considering I miraculously lost 85% of my once-messy social anxiety. The funny thing is I didn't even consciously work at it. I just broke some hearts, had mine broken and also came to the important realization that a lot of people in this city are really fucking boring/nervous/anxious/fake and the coolest ones are just honest and "themselves". So then it was like POOF! I woke up one day feeling powerful, fun, sexy and witty.

I also got over my Downtown-instigated pretentious indie yearnings. I'm so not that boy and I can't pretend to care about who's playing at the Bowery Ballroom next weekend when I'd much rather prefer to see Mariah Carey ON ICE.

But my most profound epiphany was that I really don't give a shit about the fashion world anymore. It could be that the recession guzzled out all the fun out or maybe working for a Fashion Editor and constantly being frazzled pulled away more than a few facades but I just like, don't really care about clothes enough. I still like to shop and see pretty things, but who doesn't? I want to be fashionable but not IN fashion.

So yeah, I'm going to audition for Glee.

(PS if I change my mind down the road, I can probably just be like Sarah Jessica Parker and become the PRESIDENT AND CHIEF CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF HALSTON WTF?)