There was a dog show this weekend in New Jersey, that wasn't your typical high-brow Westminster affair...
It was fun!  Festivities included shopping, facials and of course tarot readings.  I mean, how often is your pup treated to a day of Jersey-style F.U.N.?

There was also a creative grooming contest.  Oh man, I'm having flashes of Sandy Paws.  Anyway, this one is supposed to be a dragon.
Don't believe me?  Look closer..

Huh.  How about that?  Or this one, a sad angel, which is a little somber for my taste.  I mean, talk about a downer..

This next one is allegedly a ''canine-sized seahorse'' but I don't get it.  At all.  I also don't work for the Times so maybe someone there can talk me through it.

Next is the Mad Hatter and he placed in third; which I am assuming has something to do with the random  googly eye on his haunch.

My favorite!  Simple, chic, Vogue.