Hey friends!
I love you guys so much, thanks for being nice. It's been great helping you deal with your problems and helping you pass exams and getting you laid and whatnot. Anyway, some of you missed my birthday in January. Also, I was pretty nice when I didn't oblige anyone with a lame graduation party. A couple of you have offered beds, but to the rest, if you still want to be friends, you might consider giving me a token of your appreciation. So I made this list:

1.) Jean-Paul Goude "Jungle Fever". You can find this on Amazon or at Resurrection. It's not cheap but I'll let you scan copies.

2.) Arthur Elrod orange laquered and snakeskin console. This is at Todd Merrill Antiques in Noho. You get to keep it until I get an apartment but plz don't let people put their drinks down without coasters. JOSH.

3.) Pair of Joseph Andre Motte velvet club chairs. Also at Todd Merril. Hey maybe they'll cut you a deal on the chairs and console! You'll get to sit in the other one while I give you friend therapy!

4.) Oliver People's "Daddy B". Okay, these are at Bergdorf's and I'll only accept them in tortoise.

5.) Opening Ceremony M15 Boot. Hey, maybe that cute salesguy/model Jesse will give you/us his number!

6.) A Morris Louis drip-painting. Come on, you'll have awesome trips in my apartment just looking at this AND you'll feel really chic when you pay for it!

If for some legitimate reason you're a friend-on-a-budget, the following CD will sustain our friendship from being null and void.

OR Smencils. Scented pencils! I'll send you passive-aggressive notes that smell like strawberry-banana!

Thanks guys! <3,me.